Where do I go now?

As the ExtraGive Technology Partner, our company has been proud to lend our tech talents to the event by way of the nifty mobile app. The thing about technology is, well, it evolves. Quickly.

While the ExtraGive app was all the rage, our team is switching gears to instead invoke Technology in a whole new way. Use the “Social Feed” button below to launch an experience that combines all the social feeds. You’ll feel more part of the overall give day experience.

As for the ExtraGive app... While it's been removed from the Apple and Android app stores to prevent new downloads, we are fully aware that there are still some phones with the app installed. Please be aware that it will not be updated with new info this year, nor will the leaderboard or social media streams be active.

Together, we can make this year the most generous.

- Your friends at Industrial Resolution

Where do I go now?

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